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At ALLJAY safety solutions we provide domestic safety packages utilising our expertise gained in the workplace to ensure the home environment, where people spend a lot of time, is equally as safe.

There are a variety of packages on offer including services such as:

  • Fire extinguisher and fire blanket installation and servicing.
  • Smoke detector battery maintenance and testing.
  • Functional test of smoke detectors.
  • Functional test of safety switches (RCD’s).
  • Microwave radiation leakage testing.
  • Electrical equipment testing & tagging.

With electrical equipment testing & tagging we focus on the more hazardous areas such as your kitchen and laundry appliances, however we can test all your electrical equipment if required.

Functional testing means to simulate a fault.  For example we simulate smoke from a fire to see if the smoke detector actually responds, likewise we simulate an electrical short to see if the safety switch responds as intended.  There is no other way to be sure!

We can assist you to choose a package that is best suited to your needs, and also offer ongoing 6 and 12 monthly maintenance schedules to ensure these important safety areas don’t get overlooked. Please contact us to discuss your situation.

Who could benefit from this service?

  • Landlords and Real Estate Agents.
  • Tenants.
  • People who forget to check or change their smoke detector batteries.
  • People who are unable to check or change their smoke detector batteries.
  • People who would like to know that their smoke detectors and safety switches are working as intended.
  • People who’d like to know their electrical equipment is safe.
  • Anybody who’d like the peace of mind to know the home environment is as safe as possible.
  • You….

Also if you have ageing parent still living at home, we’d be happy to look after these safety aspects and provide a cost effective ongoing peace of mind service for them and for you.


You can find our package pricing here or under the pricing tab in the menu bar.

Questions & bookings:

For more information and to make a booking please call ALLJAY safety solutions on 1300 659 005 or use our contact us form.

Service areas for domestic safety packages:

We generally service the Greater Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and Surfcoast Regions of Victoria.

For suburbs included in our regular service area check here or contact us.